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Paris is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. There are so many highlights to discover like Eiffel Tower,  Louvre museum, cathedral Notre Dame de Paris and many more!

At the same time Paris  is a hectic city with many traffic and one way directions. A lot of streets are not accessible for cars or have one way directions. This causes a lot of stress for drivers because parking spots are often hard to find or completely full. This means you need to keep on driving to locations you don´t know and waste precious time that you can spend in Paris. 

Because of the many tourists, cars and limited parking facilities we recommend to make your booking online so you are sure to have a parking spot when you come to Paris. Therefore we offer the Paris Online Parking Service. With the Online Parking Ticket you can enter the Parking Garage in the city centre of Paris. You can determine which one (you can find the list with selections. After the booking process you can give us the location where you want to park your car.)

The advantages of making your reservation online:

  • Your place is guaranteed (you don´t have to be afraid there is no place left in the parking garage)
  • You can drive directly to the parking garage and you don´t have to drive around in Paris to search for a parking garage that still has availability
  • The parking garage will recognise your driving license plate – the process is very simple
  • It is cheaper

How does it work?

  • Select the day you want to park your car (the travel date)
  • When you enter the garage your 24 hours (or 48 hours) is activated
  • The Parking Garage has an automatic system which recognizes your driver´s plate. When you are in front of the barrier your driver´s plate is recognized and the barrier opens. After the barrier you will receive your parking ticket at the entrance. There is a person at the garage who can help you out.
  • You can enter and leave the garage as much as you want. Time will begin when you get into the car park again. 
  • Here you can find an overview of the parking garages and their locations divided per neighbourhood. After your payment process you can inform us about which parking garage you want to park your car. 

What is good to know?

  • During the booking process you will be asked of your hotel address, so we can reserve the closest parking place for you in a city
  • The parking garage is open for 24 hours, 7 days a week. When you want to stay longer than 24 hours you can easily pay for the extra parking time at the cash machine in the parking garage for the normal parking prices (5 euro per hour).
  • The garage has a height of 1,90m. So when you are driving a truck or a different high vehicle please make sure your vehicle is under 1.90m.
  • It is not possible to cancel reservations or to get reimbursed.

Make your stay in Paris relaxing and pleasing and reserve your parking spot!